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‘A Picture in Plaid’ Bundle

$45.00 $40.00

Perfect for Sunday reads by the fire,
snuggled up in pyjamas with a cup of hot chocolate.

This plaid fabric is perfect for your book nook.
This bundle includes:

1 x Booksleeve
1 x fabric coaster
1 x cup cozy

‘Blue Spatter’ Bookmark


‘Blue spatter’ fabric bookmark is a great accessory for your reading space.

These feature a plastic inner to help keep the rigidity of your bookmark.

‘Blue Spatter’ Fabric Coaster


These gorgeous fabric coasters are perfect for adding a splash of colour
to your reading nook, office, or desk!

These measure approx 14 x 14cm
and make a great little mug rug for your favourite beverage!

‘Blue Vines’ Bookmark


It is a truth universally acknowledged,
that a person with a good book will be in want of a bookmark.

These fabric bookmarks feature a sturdy plastic inner to ensure your bookmark holds firm.

Out Of Stock

‘Blue Vines’ Booksleeve with attached Pin Flag


This gorgeous ombre style blue vine pattern is gloriously contrasted against the creamy background.
It imbues an essence of Jane Austen and strolling the gardens.
This booksleeve features a attached pin flag ready for you to adorn with your favourite pin.

Don’t let this one get away.


‘Blue Vines’ Bundle

$45.95 $39.95

This ‘Blue Vines’ bundle delicately pronounces the feminine charms
created within the pages of a Jane Austen novel.

The soft cream balances the ombré blue hues of the patterned vines.

This bundle includes:

1 x ‘Blue Vines’ standard sized booksleeve (20cm x 28cm)
1 x ‘Blue Vines’ fabric case
1 x ‘Blue Vines’ fabric bookmark

You will be ardently admired with such accessories in your possession.

‘Blue Vines’ Fabric Case


It’s much easier to ardently admire someone when you know where your glasses are!

Make it easier to find with our gorgeous ‘Blue Vines’ fabric cases.

These cases feature the same thick wadding that we use within our booksleeves,
ensuring your glasses (or other treasures) have somewhere soft to lay.

10cm x 18cm


‘Everyday’s a Picnic’ Bundle

$45.00 $40.00

Every day is a picnic when you’re with friends.

Bring your reading material with you in this cozy bundle.

1 x ‘Every day’s a picnic’ booksleeve
1 x fabric bookmark
1 x cup cozy

‘Farmers Market’ booksleeve


Whether you’re working the farm, or just visiting the outback
Keep your reading essentials on point with this ‘Farmer’s Market’ booksleeve!

This is our standard size 20cm x 28cm:
Which will fit most sized books =
‘standard paperbacks’/ ‘Large Paperbacks’/small hardbacks

‘Farmers Market’ Booksleeve with Pin Flag


Channel the vast outback with this ‘metal tin’ aesthetic.

Our ‘Farmer’s Market’ Booksleeves are made with this patterned fabric that captures the man-made construction
of corrugated iron and the heat of the red deserts.

This fabric is made to look a little weathered and worn, and is perfect for people who take their books on the go.

These measure our standard 20cm x 28cm and feature a little fabric pin flag on the front where you can display your favourite/memorable pin.

‘I should be writing’ Book sleeve with pocket and clasp


“I should be writing…”
Make sure your reading material, notebooks, and
story ideas remain safe within this gorgeously cushy booksleeve.

This Booksleeve features a fabric flap with button clasp at the top,
with a contrasting pocket on the front!
The cute pink polka dots are a soft contrast
to the stark charcoal and black word print.

Make a Statement with this booksleeve!

*Enamel pin is not included and for display purposes only*

‘Old Library’ Booksleeve


This fabric booksleeve has all the aesthetics of a cozy nook in a library of old.

The earthy tones are suggestive of shelves lined with old leather tomes.
The paisley patterns evocative of a comfortable recliner by an open fire.

Your books will feel right at home within the comfortable recess of this booksleeve!


‘Star Dust’ Accessories Bundle

$24.95 $20.00

The Perfect Pack for studying, work or for a unique gift!

This bundle includes:

1 x ‘Star Dust’ fabric case
1 x ‘Star Dust’ Bookmark
1 x ‘Star Dust’/ ‘Pink polka dot’ contrast origami pocket

‘Star Dust’ Scrunchie


“When you consider things like the stars,
our affairs don’t seem to matter very much, do they?”
– Virginia Woolf

Keep your stars close at hands with these gorgeous scrunchies.

*individual item only*